mardi 4 août 2009

Wow! On m'a scraplifter au Brésil!!!

Je fais un post pour vous montrer ce que des filles d'un forum Brésilien ont fait! Il avait à scrapper une scrapbookeuse étrangère! Il était en équipe et chaque équipe avait leur scrappeuse. Je voulais vous montrer ce qu'elles ont fait, tout à fait magnifique!!!! Thank girls!
La mienne
Carol FigueiredoAna PaulaDaniela Bortoli da Sà
Elaine MaffessoniFaby MelgarLa mienneElaine MaffessoniFaby MelgarLa mienneCarol FigueiredoLa mienneDaniela Bortoli de SàLa mienne Ana PaulaVoilà!

9 commentaires:

Elaine Maffessoni Machado a dit…

We have to say thank you for the inspiration, for the attencion and for comment every works... Thank you very much!!!

ANA PAULA a dit…

ohhhh, you are so sweet, i'm very happy to have my work at your blog, thanks for the inspiration, your work is "trés jolie"
ana paula

Carol Figueiredo a dit…

I can believe that we are at your blog!!!! WOW!!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!!! It was so difficult to choose one work to make the lift in so many wonderfull pages you've created!!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and at ScrapDiary!!!! From all the scrappers who were lifted at this challenge, I think you was the only one who came to see us!!!!!

Thank you again and I hope you like it!!!!


Dan a dit…

So sweet of you!
Mèrci =)
Hope u visit my blog somentime soon (
Love your cute stuff.

Amé a dit…

ooooh! Mais tu es rendu une star internationale ma belle!!!!! C'est géniale! Les pages des filles sont vraiment superbes!

Daniela Bortoli de Sá a dit…

Thank you so much!
I love my work in your blog!

caminho da beleza e da sabedoria a dit…

Dear Julie,
Thank you for visiting us at Scrap Diary!! It was really amazing to see your comments there!
I have scraplifted other scrappers but I´mm still trying to do one of your layouts!
Thanks for inspiring us so greatly!

Fabiana Melgar a dit…

Tks a lot for your gentleness and for the beauty of your work.

Aange a dit…

wow !! C'est vraiment cool !
Le scrap est universel !!